The World’s Finest Natural Art…for your Landscape

The World’s Finest Natural Art…for your Landscape

Sun Valley Landscaping currently houses a piece of the world’s finest natural art, an organic Indonesian branch. This piece is currently on consignment from a vendor who is accepting offers from interested buyers looking to add unique interest to their landscapes. Our clients who have visited our supply yard within the last three years will find this branch familiar as it occupies a spot next to our supply yard office, also known as “The Red Shack.”

Once curated from volcanic soil from an art dealer in Jakarta, this unique piece is crafted from a type of wood known as Teakwood. It originates from a forest in Indonesia where it was cultivated by an artist who curates antiques from reclaimed wood. The container purchased to transport this branch overseas is a $10,000 cost, in addition to shipping fees to ensure the branch remains stable for transport and because its enormous size.

The branch has spent three winters in the Sun Valley Supply Yard and is tempered to the Nebraska winter temperatures. No provisions are necessary. The wood remains natural, organic art as the branch remains in its original state.