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On July 16, over 400 volunteers celebrated NALP’s 22ndday of service, Renewal and Remembrance. Since 1966, landscapers from across the country honor the fallen veterans by donating professional skills to Arlington National Cemetery. This year, Sun Valley Landscaping CEO and partner, Paul Fraynd, along with...

Pavers are aesthetically beautiful bringing a pop of color to any outdoor space. As landscape professionals, we are often asked, if sealing a paver patio is necessary. We sat down with our landscape designers, Bruce and Hugh, to learn about the many benefits of sealing...

Three years ago, I decided to get serious about making healthy lifestyle changes. I started running with a friend’s support, and now it seems running and lawn care is all I do. After participating in several races, I felt inspired to take my passion to...

A refreshed landscape is only a few steps away. My spring cleanup recommendations will have the drab winter look dusted off for a brighter curb appeal in no time at all: Give Room to Bloom Collect and remove all weeds, leaves, and other debris that accumulated over...

As a landscaping company, it’s always interesting to see the popular trends change from year to year. Based on predicted industry trends and requests from our supply yard and landscape clients, we have identified the top trends for 2016. It’s important for us to identify...

Fall is here and the honey-do list keeps growing longer. Let Omaha Friendly Services help get your lawn and landscape into shape before winter approaches! What you do with your lawn and landscape in the fall helps determine how your property will look when spring arrives. Below is a...