Spring-ready like the professionals

Spring-ready like the professionals

It’s that time of year again spring is approaching, the challenge is that we are usually ready for it before it’s ready for us! Waiting on weather is not always fun, but that’s a good reason to start thinking about what to do when spring arrives. Not everyone has the time to keep his or her garden beds, flower beds and lawn in perfect condition all year long, but just because you have a packed schedule doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the beauty of nature at your home or business. This is where our professionals can help you with our talents for Landscape Detail and Maintenance, Mowing, Spring Cleanups, and Mulching.

Spring Lawn Cleanup and Mowing:

After the hardships of winter, your yard needs careful attention. The first step is picking up large branches, sticks and debris that Winter has left behind.  After blowing any leaves from the landscaping beds and all of the nooks and crannies around your property, you can mow your lawn with a bag attached to pick up the leaves. The first time you mow your lawn is an important chore that will set you up for success for the remainder of the summer. Mowing your lawn is like pruning trees or bushes; it will increase the density of your lawn and help decrease weeds. One of the extras Sun Valley Landscaping provide during your spring lawn cleanup is mechanically edging all hard surfaces to establish a vertical edge for a finished appearance all year long!

First Fertilizer Application:

The best time to fertilize your lawn in the spring is before the soil temperature reaches about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll know when the soil warms up to 55 because the lilacs will begin to blossom and the grass will start growing, that means the first feeding should take place in late March through early April. With the first application, applying a pre-emergent will help keep the broadleaf weeds and weedy grasses from germinating.  With our Fert+ Program, you will receive a second application of pre-emergent to ensure limited grassy weed growth during the season.

Spring Cleanup and Mulching for your Landscape Beds:

In addition to your lawn, your landscape beds need some TLC too. Your landscaping is an essential step for your planting beds to thrive.  Weed and debris that have accumulated over the Winter should be removed and a natural edge should be defined using a spade or bed edger.  Adding mulch to your bed is a vital part for your landscape. Mulch helps to hold moisture in the soil, prevent weed growth, inhibit diseases, and insulate the roots of plants from temperature extremes during summer and winter.  Apply mulch 1-2 inches deep in an area extending beyond the canopy of the plant if possible and we highly recommend incorporating a bed pre-emergent and balanced garden fertilizer. Mulch should be replenished once a year and avoid placing plastic under mulch it prevents water, nutrients, and oxygen from reaching the roots of the plants. Our professionals use quality grade landscape fabric.

Let us help you with your lawn and landscaping ideas needs. Healthy lawns require continuous maintenance throughout the year and it can take a lot of expertise and time to do it well. Contact Sun Valley Landscaping for more information on our maintenance packages and how we can help you bring your lawn and garden to life.