Our landscape professionals are already busy with spring bed cleanups and common questions we get are about using fertilizer and pre-emergent in landscape beds.  Spring is a great time to fertilize your plants and will help you achieve healthy growth and continuous blooms, while pre-emergent is essential to slowing weed growth throughout the season. We also recommend a plan for your plant health care throughout the growing season for optimal performance and here’s why…


Using a balanced granular fertilizer in early spring will pay off for most perennials, annuals and shrubs.  This allows nutrients to feed the plant before new shoots or blooming occurs.  Be careful not to fertilize right before a heavy rain as this can cause the fertilizer to leach out of the soil before it can have an impact. 


Weeds can be a big frustration as temperatures heat up, so we take a preventative approach coupled with timely maintenance.  Pre-emergent is safe and effective at preventing germination of unwanted plant life and decreases the need to use weed killers throughout the summer.  It will also kill off any newly germinated weeds that might be present.  We all know shrubs and roses require ongoing maintenance throughout the year, but it’s easy to forget your perennials and grasses need the dead material removed and many will perform better if you remove the spent blooms (Deadheading).  Pest control is one of the dreaded aspects of the maintaining of your landscape.  This most obvious task is removing weeds but just as important is identifying and treating for fungi, critters, and those pesky insects.


Our plant health care program covers all the essentials for a beautiful and healthy landscape.  After we clean up beds and get them started off on the right foot in Spring, we apply three applications of fertilizer during the Summer (May-August) so that we can continue to properly feed nutrients to your flowers, trees and shrubs.  We apply different blends of nutrients/micronutrients depending on the type of plant and the time of year.  In addition, we also apply a second pre-emergent application in June, keeping pesky weeds at bay. 

Our goal is to ensure that you have the best experience possible in your outdoor space this summer.  A well-rounded plan to provide nutrients and weed control for your landscape beds will give you a green thumbs up all season long!  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at info@sunvalleyomaha.com.