Ring in the holiday season with containers of joy

Ring in the holiday season with containers of joy

As the temperatures begin to drop, you may think you have to give up on container gardening. However, you can customize your containers year-round.

To start, make sure your containers will withstand freezing and thawing cycles. Stay away from those made of ceramics, terra cottas and thin plastics. Instead, opt for fiberglass, metal or get really creative with a hollow log. Remember to allow drainage holes to be clear and use pot feet to raise the container in order to avoid freezing to the ground.

When choosing plants, make sure to get ones that are rated two zones colder than your area. We suggest evergreens such as dwarf alberta spruce, junipers, and holly. Not only do they ring in the holiday spirit, but they also survive the harsh winter months. Have fun experimenting with utilize varying heights and forms to create a beautiful container.

Finish off your winter container with holiday decor: pop in a few holly berries, artificial poinsettias and pinecones. To make a big splash, incorporate large holiday ornaments.

If you would like your containers customized for every season call Sun Valley Landscaping at 402-932-5704 to be added to our 2018 schedule.