NALP Celebrates 22nd Renewal and Remembrance

NALP Celebrates 22nd Renewal and Remembrance

On July 16, over 400 volunteers celebrated NALP’s 22ndday of service, Renewal and Remembrance. Since 1966, landscapers from across the country honor the fallen veterans by donating professional skills to Arlington National Cemetery. This year, Sun Valley Landscaping CEO and partner, Paul Fraynd, along with General Manager, Ashly Neneman, attended for the third consecutive year.

“It is such an honor to serve alongside over 400 landscape professionals at Arlington National Cemetery. It is humbling to walk the grounds and provide a small gesture of gratitude to our nation’s heroes,” Fraynd noted on social media.

Side by side, hundreds of NALP members and their families work in partnership with the horticulture team at ANC to improve the lawns, shore up historic trees, landscape, and complete irrigation and hardscape projects on the grounds. According to NALP, the volunteers completed:

  • 108 acres aerated
  • 5 acres limed
  • 46 acres phosphorus applied
  • 4 trees received lighting protection
  • 3 irrigation projects
  • 1 large retaining wall built

The three-day event includes not only community service, but also an opportunity to advocate with senators on key concerns. “It’s not enough anymore to be aware of legislative issues that affect our business and community.  You have to take action and hit the ground to make sure your local government officials understand the significant impact things like pesticide regulations and workforce restrictions have on areas businesses,” said Neneman.

Not only do Sun Valley Landscaping executives give back during the annual trip, they also play a larger role in the landscape industry and associations. Fraynd serves on the NALP Board of Directors, while Neneman holds a chair on the Education Advisory Council. After a day of service and advocating, Fraynd and Neneman spend their time planning and executing initiatives for the members of NALP. They utilize their spare time to network and develop relationships with industry professionals across the nation.

Fraynd summarized, “This annual event shows me the power of what the landscape profession can do when we’re at our best. It always motivates and reminds me why I jumped into the industry to begin with. Not only can we beautify environments, but we can also build companies full of great people that are passionate to serve our communities.”