Love Your Landscape Year-Round

Love Your Landscape Year-Round

Living in Nebraska it’s tempting to believe utilizing outdoor spaces is only seasonally. However, even as the months begin to cool, it doesn’t mean you need to put away the outdoor furniture right away. Fire features are continuously a hot trend in landscaping as homeowners look to maximize time spent outdoors. But, how do you know the best option for you? There are many aspects to consider when choosing a fire feature: what is a practical budget, the type of heat you want, and material selection. We teamed up with our landscape designers to guide deciding questions in choosing the best fire feature for your outdoor space.

Consider the budget

Having a well-planned budget is an essential key in all landscape designs. This allows you and your landscape designer to work seamlessly together with practical expectations. Identify which areas of the design you are willing to splurge and aspects where you can be frugal. Your budget will also give insight on choosing a fireplace or fire pit.


Fireplace vs Fire Pit

After determining your budget, choosing whether to install a fireplace or fire pit is crucial. Fireplaces and fire pits invoke different outdoor activities. If you’re looking for something less formal, a space where family and friends can gather and controlling smoke isn’t a priority, a fire pit is a good option. But, if you are seeking something to be the visual anchor in the landscape design, and managing smoke is a necessity, a fireplace is just right for you.


Gas vs Wood

The convenience of a gas-fire feature is hard to beat! Having the ability to instantaneously flip on and off the fire is perfect for the busy homeowner. Gas also eliminates the hassle of cinders and sparks. Plus, there is a vast amount of décor available for gas fire features such as crushed glass and lava rock instead of replicated logs. While gas is the easiest option, many homeowners want a real wood fire. Only a wood fire can produce the smell and sound of a crackling logs we all know and love. When selecting a wood fire feature, be sure to check in with your local ordinances for any restrictions.

Regardless of Nebraska temperatures, having a fire feature in your landscape design can transform how you interact with the space. Fall back in love with your landscape by adding a fire feature to your outdoor living area. Give us a call (402) 932-5704 to chat with one of our experts.