Fall Lawn and Landscape Clean-up

little girl picking up leaves

Fall Lawn and Landscape Clean-up

As our days grow shorter and evenings cooler, we as Nebraskans know that fall is just around the corner. We are enjoying the last bit of blooms on our annuals, rejoicing in the beloved pumpkin spice latte’s return, sitting around a fire with friends, watching the trees change colors, and cheering on our Huskers. Fall sparks a different memory for all of us, but what about our fall lawn care? 

Fall is a significant time of year for your yard. If you are wondering what you should focus on before the first snow fly, we are here to help. Removing leaves and additional debris from your yard is essential for the health of your lawn. Excess leaves in your yard block sunlight from reaching the grass, which reduces water evaporation, causing the growth of fungi, mold, and other diseases that can harm your grass and potentially spread across your yard. Don’t forget to cut back your hostas, daylilies, and other perennials in your landscape beds to discourage pests such as mice, moles, and voles from wintering in your yard. 

Fall provides an excellent opportunity to access leafless tree branches and bush limbs, providing easier access to cut them back, keep them healthy, and protect your home during the winter. The shock of being cut is less traumatic to plants as they are getting ready to hibernate for the winter. Trimming branches can prevent them from becoming weighed down with snow in the winter and potentially breaking off and causing damage to an object below. 

Raking leaves, cleaning up fall debris, and properly pruning plants and trees is a lot of work. If it’s not a job you love doing; or have a hard time squeezing in the time,  we are happy to help! So sit back, relax, enjoy the fall colors, and let Sun Valley Landscaping professionally clean up your yard this fall! For a list of all services we provide including our fall lawn and landscape clean-up services, click here.

Photo by Jennifer Murray from Pexels