Fall Aeration, Fertilizing, Raking, and Seeding

Fall Aeration, Fertilizing, Raking, and Seeding

We will soon be coming around for the next application. This application is one of the most important applications we will do as it contains the following: aerating, power raking, fall fertilizer, and seeding. Lawn aerations are probably the most important aspect of fall lawn care. We have a compact, clay soil in Omaha and a lawn aeration gives the lawn better air circulation and irrigation.

It also throws dirt plugs on the top of the lawn, where they break down naturally or through mowing. The added topsoil works as a topdressing, adding nutrients to the top. Beyond breaking apart the soil, aerations help when overseeding. The seed will fall in each individual hole, increasing the seed to soil contact.

Power raking works to remove the thatch that has built up throughout the year. Thatch buildup is primarily caused by over-fertilizing and over-watering; the thatch builds up, causing pests and diseases to enjoy a more habitable environment. Thatch will also crowd out the turf’s root system, stunting growth. The best thing a homeowner can do is make sure you are following proper watering practices (3-4 times a week, 30-45 minutes each station) while we ensure the fertilizer is thrown properly.  Contrary to popular opinion, thatch does not buildup from mulching the lawn as those grass clippings are high in water content and break down quickly with weekly mowing.

The last thing we are doing is fertilizing and seeding. The fertilizer we will be using is high in phosphorous, encouraging shoot growth. After putting the fertilizer down we will do any overseeding and/or spotseeding as necessary. If we only add fertilizer than you should water it in as soon as possible, then resume your normal watering pattern. If we do put down seed, try to keep the seed wet throughout the day. We will have specific instructions for what you should do after we visit your property.

Overall it has been a rough summer on the lawns, but fall is the most important part of the season for lawns. Weeds are the easiest to kill and seed sprouts the best in Fall. Proper lawncare management throughout the fall and early winter season ensures that your lawn will be healthy come Spring.