Why design matters in landscaping

Why design matters in landscaping

Good classic design is central to any successful landscape project.  This is why hiring a professional landscape designer or architect is invaluable for optimal use of your outdoor living space.

Quality and good design can be recognized by anyone, regardless of education and experience because it is based upon geometric principles that transcend the ages.  The “Golden rectangle”, along with basic principles of composition, including: unity, repetition, balance, and a focal point, are at the foundation of all classic design.

Good design compliments the existing architecture, and the lay of the land.  Its beauty is easily recognized because the proportions are right, the spaces and paths make sense, and there is an intrinsic sense of harmony in the composition.

Be sure your designer understands these principles.  And that your designer asks about your lifestyle, and your values – whether your interests are centered around gardening, fitness, environment, or entertaining.  You want your landscape to fit both your life style and your vision of beauty.

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