Love at First Knock! Improving your curb Appeal

Love at First Knock! Improving your curb Appeal

First impressions matter. You wouldn’t neglect the decor on the inside of your home, it’s equally as necessary to give the outside of your home the TLC and attention it deserves, too. After all, a first impression can be a lasting impression; why not make yours a beautiful one at first knock? Below are five ways to create or improve the curb appeal around your home in no time! 

1. Lawn Maintenance 

A well-maintained lawn implies a well-maintained home. While items like edging can instantly change the look of a lawn leaving it with a crisp clean line. Services like fertilizing when first starting out, tend to be a more gradual process that can take a year or more to see the yard flourish. Regular Fertilization, watering, and mowing helps to keep it looking its best. Don’t have time to regularly fertilize your lawn? That’s okay, we have you covered. We offer four different lawn maintenance packages that fit your budget and help get you back to enjoying your weekend the way you want to. Click here to see our lawn maintenance packages! 

2. Landscape Beds 

Edging the front of the home and around trees with stone and plantings adds texture, color, character, and depth to the front of the home. You can use landscape fabric under rock or mulch to help keep weeds out or at a minimum. Plant flowers, bushes, and shrubs to help add areas of focal interest. Perennials are perfect for a flower bed because they are usually low maintenance while annuals typically come in larger color varieties. For the person who wants to spend time enjoying their outdoor space instead of maintaining it, our comprehensive Landcare program takes care of everything in your lawn and landscape beds. In addition to the fertilizer+ and lawn maintenance services, you would receive regular detailed visits to clean out weeds and debris, prune plants, and apply proper seasonal treatments to keep pests from damaging plants. 

3. Clean Sidewalks and Driveway

Using a pressure washer to clean the sidewalks and driveway will make them much more appealing and welcoming. It helps clean up the walkway and remove any dirt that may track forth into your home. You can even get creative and use a stencil to pressure wash designs onto your sidewalk and driveway. 

4. Welcoming Entryway

Add a fun seasonal wreath or container garden to your entryway. Seasonal container gardens help add color and depth to your entryway. From plants with height to plants that hang, this can add some great visual elements that can also be changed out with the seasons. If you are completely lost on container gardens for your entry, we can help design and install them for you. 

5. Utilize Good Lighting

When creating curb appeal make sure you remember to think about lighting. Update light fixtures by changing out your old light fixtures with new ones. You can also give your old ones a fresh coat of paint. Add solar lights near walkways and flower beds. Lighting up walkways will help prevent any trips and falls as well. Having lighting focus on your house numbers helps first responders find your home in an emergency. Set your lights to focus on your yard’s best features.

Make sure your property is hazard-free and anything in need of repair is done as well (such as old gates, uneven cement, or rotten decking etc).

We hope you found these tips on improving the curb appeal around your home helpful. Our goal is to help you enjoy as much of your outdoor space as possible. If you need help creating the perfect outdoor space or maintaining the space you have, feel free to give us a call today.