Commit20 Campaign

Commit20 Campaign


Commit20 Campaign: Putting people first by giving back to our community, and creating experiences that make an impact.

This year marks our 20th year in business and to celebrate we want to give back to those who made us who we are with the Commit20 Campaign! Commit20 is an initiative that we are launching to challenge our employees, clients, and the Omaha Community to commit 20 hours of volunteer service to a cause they are passionate about.


How it works is participants will be able to go to www.commit20.com to make a commitment, find information about organizations in need, log volunteer hours, and track cumulative hours served for the campaign. Our dream is to have this become something really big! This year’s goal is to have 500 people pledge 20 hours, for a total of 10,000 hours donated!

The www.commit20.com website will launch on March 1, 2015, but we need your help! Currently, we are reaching out to all nonprofits and organizations engaging in volunteer service to compile a resource of all the causes people can commit 20 hours to. If you are an organization in need of volunteers or know someone who is, email us at giveback@commit20.com!

Stay tuned for updates by following our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages, and on March 1st go to www.commit20.com to pledge your 20 hours! We are excited to make a difference in our community!