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Good classic design is central to any successful landscape project.  This is why hiring a professional landscape designer or architect is invaluable for optimal use of your outdoor living space. Quality and good design can be recognized by anyone, regardless of education and experience because it...

We were recently featured in the local business editorial, Midlands Business Journal.  Paul had fun telling our story! Read more here:  Omaha's Sun Valley Landscaping sees gains with customer demand A special thanks to Michelle Leach and the MBJ for supporting companies in our community!...

This beautiful Omaha weather has our phones ringing off the hook!  People are so excited to get their landscapes back in shape to enjoy the great outdoors again.  Not so fast! Your plant life is still recovering from the winter's stress, and becoming too aggressive too...

The UNL Extention Office recently posted a very informative article titled, "Why do lawn care companies maintain lawns differently than do-it-yourselfers?"  We highly recommend reading this, but it also got us thinking about things people ask when they call to inquire about lawn care service. The...

  Commit20 Campaign: Putting people first by giving back to our community, and creating experiences that make an impact. This year marks our 20th year in business and to celebrate we want to give back to those who made us who we are with the Commit20 Campaign!...

FREAKY FREE DAY! We are giving away free stuff to some lucky customers this month!  Yes, that's right, FREE!  All you have to do is come in and buy some landscaping supplies, fill out an entry form, and wait patiently for a call that we are...

Training your trees into an espalier can be easier than you think.  They aren't just for the grandest of gardens.  Whether I am designing for my clients or myself, I try and think of ways to make certain areas that would normally look dull really...

A nautical themed party is all the rage right now.  Our recent nautical themed Independence Day party was a huge success!  Our first step in planning this party was sending our lawn maintenance crew to do a detailed lawn and landscape cleanup.  Everything else was...