5 New Year’s Resolutions for your lawn and landscape

5 New Year’s Resolutions for your lawn and landscape

This year, we are encouraging you try something new. New Years is usually about resolutions to create a new “you.” 2016 is the year of landscape improvements and therefore, we are going to help you take steps to creating your dream outdoor setting through 5 New Year’s resolutions for your lawn and landscape. No, it won’t help your commitment to the gym or advance you in your career stage, but it will help you create a setting that you will enjoy. It’s time to get excited about entertaining your friends this coming summer, and finally feel comfortable hosting the neighbors or your children’s soccer team. (You know it’s been your turn the last two years to host the barbeque).

At Sun Valley, we spend a majority of the season sketching and designing outdoor concepts to install in the Spring. Now is the time to put your dream outdoor landscape plans into action with a new landscape design.

Start taking steps to building a better landscape today with our 5 resolutions for 2016. We will be with you every step of the way by providing services to help you reach your landscape destination….

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Sun Valley Landscaping has 2 landscape designers on staff who are offering free design consultations until February 29, 2016. From the initial setting to a job well done, we will create and customize an experience to fit your lifestyle. From paver patios, water or fire features, to accent lighting and retaining walls, your professional designer will take your ideas and turn them into your dream outdoor setting.


Resolution #2 is important because we so frequently get caught up in work and family matters and before we know it, another year has passed. Make 2016 different by resolving to take time for yourself and your landscape. Put up that hammock and spend a day in the outdoors. At Sun Valley, we are spoiled because our careers allow us to spend the majority of the year in the outdoors, but we understand that isn’t the reality of our clients. If you are having trouble maintaining your lawn care and find yourself spending more time managing your yard than enjoying it, our professional maintenance services are offered through a variety of packages that can be customized to fit your needs. Let our team of professionals care for your yard all year-round!


Sun Valley Landscaping has a 6-step fertilizer plan that will tackle those irritating weeds that won’t seem to stop harassing your landscape year after year. We encourage fall aeration, as it is the most important part to a healthy lawn and is included in our 6-step fertilizer package.



During the Spring, we recommend re-mulching your landscape beds. Industry standards suggest 2 inches of mulch coverage. There are numerous benefits of mulching, such as retention of constant soil temperature for your trees and plants, which protects them from drying out. Mulch also acts as a weed barrier, and its coverage prevents frost-heaving during the Winter by protecting plant roots.


It’s about time you felt proud of your landscape and hosted the soccer team for a barbecue. Sun Valley has 2 horticulture specialists on staff and we offer detail landscape maintenance to care for every aspect of your landscape all four seasons. Go ahead, set a date for that barbecue, we’ll take care of the rest.