This spring, Americans are spending more time than ever before at home. We want to urge you through this stressful time to get outside! Research has found that spending 20-minutes outside is enough to improve your well-being. It has shown to encourage physical activity, aids in fluctuating moods, and overall is a benefit to mental health, as well as lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and stress. While exercise is not necessary to increase your well-being, it is equally as beneficial for mental health, particularly when done outside. What are somethings you can do outside during this time, especially with kids?

  1. Have a scavenger hunt around your yard
  2. Plant a vegetable garden
  3. Plan a backyard picnic
  4. Stargaze
  5. Get creative with sidewalk chalk
  6. Find an outdoor workout
  7. Take in a sunset or sunrise
  8. Have a water balloon fight
  9. Ride a bike
  10. Fly a Kite
  11. Blow bubbles
  12. Outdoor yard games
  13. Roller skate
  14. Hopscotch
  15. Find a shady tree to read a book under
  16. Make s’ mores
  17. Plant a fairy garden
  18. Set up a backyard “drive-in” movie
  19. Wash the car
  20. Run through the sprinkler
  21. Make homemade bird feeders
  22. Pick Flowers (from your own yard, of course) 
  23. Have a water-gun fight
  24. Go fishing
  25. Start composting

This is the perfect time to improve your greenspaces in the place you are the most, your home. Landscaping is not only beneficial to you, but it also enriches our neighborhoods, adds value to our home, and betters the environment.

This prescription from nature shall we call it, is only redeemable outdoors, in the fresh air. So, go for a walk around the block, ride your bike, or relax in your backyard and reimagine how you would create your perfect outdoor space. However you go about doing it, just get outside, make memories, and enjoy the benefits!