Sun Valley Landscaping Family Night at Werner Park

Sun Valley Landscaping Family Night at Werner Park


At Sun Valley Landscaping, we are more than just Omaha’s Small Business of the Year. We are more than the awards that frame our entryway. We are more than a fleet of trucks and 5 acres of natural stone. Our small team of 50 employees are family and we care about our team so much, we dedicated our first company value to each of them: “people come first.” Our employees come first and we show this by applying this value to guide our company’s decisions on a daily basis to better the careers for every single one of our employees. Our employees also come first in our company culture and we pride ourselves on being family-oriented. You  may just see another landscape company, but we see a family with one big dream.


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Which is why we plan multiple family-oriented events throughout the year. Not only is it fun to get each of our employee’s families together to show off their mad landscape skills at least once a year, but it’s important we all bond together as a big family. Our first annual family night at our newly installed Party Patio at Werner Park felt like watching a baseball game in your backyard around the fire pit with your extended family. It was a night of great food catered in by the ball park, mascots, baseball and exciting company news. We invited our professional photographer to capture candid family photos with each of our employee’s families. For our company, it’s important we take time in life to spend it with the families of our teammates who we spend a majority of our time working alongside day in and day out. It’s important that we see each other’s kids more than once a year on the holidays. We work as one big family, it’s important we spend time together as one big family.

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