Say Goodbye to Crab Grass

Say Goodbye to Crab Grass

Crab Grass

Spring means our favorite and LEAST favorite plants are beginning to bloom. Without proper care, your lawn could quickly turn into a crab grass jungle. A good-looking lawn requires a holistic approach that delivers the right care at the right time. Sun Valley’s methodology has been carefully developed around the University of Nebraska’s turf research as well as the personal experience of our owners from over 20 years in business. Here’s how we say goodbye to crab grass and jump start your healthy lawn this spring:

Step One: Apply Pre-Emergent Treatment

As soon as the ground reaches the ideal temperature for crab grass growth (50 degrees), the maintenance teams apply a proactive pre-emergent treatment to your entire lawn. Timing is critical – applying too early, or even too late, jeopardizes the effectiveness of the pre-emergent treatment.

Step Two: Mow your Lawn at the Correct Height

The height of your mower setting is often overlooked, but it is one of the most important steps to prevent crab grass that survived the pre-emergent treatment. To ensure the crab grass is receiving the WORST growing conditions, your grass needs to be 3.5 – 4” tall to shade out the weed seeds.  On a residential mower, use the highest setting option.

Step Three: Water Cautiously

Contrary to popular belief, your lawn may not need water yet. If you over-water your lawn, it will be susceptible to disease and stress. Watering at infrequent intervals for longer periods of time versus frequent, short spurts, will allow your lawn to develop deep roots which is the key to a healthy lawn!

Step Four: Follow up with Best Lawn Care Practices

A healthy lawn requires constant upkeep and care. The first three steps are only the beginning. Next comes a season of fertilizing and weed control, followed by fall aeration and over-seeding. You can tackle it piece by piece – with the help of our monthly blogs – or let us take care of it by signing up for one our maintenance plans!

Matt MenardAs the Maintenance Sales & Account Manager, I am happy to help answer your questions and provide you with a quote for your lawn care needs. Please call my cell or email me today!

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