Pollinator Week

Pollinator Week

The news has been buzzing around the topic of pollinators this week as we celebrate National Pollinator Week and the small insects who play a huge, but oftentimes forgotten, role in our lives. Pollinators and the decline of their population has been on the rise as we see a decrease in bees, butterflies, and moths. Although many people smile at the idea of less insects in our lives and around our homes, these small pollinators are, in reality, essential to our food supply.

According to The National Association of Landscape Professionals, “one out of every three bites of food you eat, has been enabled by pollinators.” We forget the large impact these tiny insects play in the health of our food source.

Step 1 is to educate yourself and others around you about the decline of pollinators and the impact they have. To learn more about the factors affecting the decline of the pollinator population, check out the article by the National Association of Landscape Professionals here!

Step 2 is to play your role in helping advocate for pollinator species through the planting of pollinator-friendly gardens. These types of gardens are established through the install of native plants or colorful flowers that attract pollinators. See the list of recommended flowers here!

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