Now is the Time for a Landscape Refresher!

Now is the Time for a Landscape Refresher!

A refreshed landscape is only a few steps away. My spring cleanup recommendations will have the drab winter look dusted off for a brighter curb appeal in no time at all:

Give Room to Bloom

Collect and remove all weeds, leaves, and other debris that accumulated over the winter months. It’s a relatively painless process, if you remember your gloves, with immediate results. FUN FACT: Sun Valley’s maintenance crews collect and recycle your debris to turn it into the best planting compost in town.

Prune & Spruce

Dead Branches   Damaged Branches Example   Diseased Branches Example

Perennial plants and ornamental grasses need to be cut back now for the best bloom this season, but be CAREFUL if cutting on your own. If you cut these plants too short, they can be permanently damaged. Pruning of trees and shrubs is a recommended practice at this time. All dead, damaged, or diseased branches (pictured above) should be removed, but avoid trimming blooming plants – lilacs, renaissance spirea, or forsythia.

Prepare for Weeds

Being proactive is key! Applying a landscape bed pre-emergent will help block weed growth this spring. For best results, the maintenance teams apply our product prior to mulching. Keep in mind that this does not kill existing plants or weeds. To learn more about lawn pre-emergent care, read my Say Goodbye to Crab Grass blog.

Mulch & Edge

Adding a fresh layer of mulch to your landscape beds is more than an aesthetical practice. Mulching provides protection, nutrients, and lengthens plant life! The CORRECT DEPTH of mulch (2 – 3 inches) paired with a 2 inch vertical edging line between landscape beds and turf creates a clean, polished look.

Water ONLY as Needed

Unless we are experiencing a lack of precipitation or true drought conditions, watering your lawn and garden can wait. To develop strong roots and drought resistant plants, infrequent watering for long intervals is a practice I HIGHLY recommend.


Need assistance with your Landscape Refresher list? Give me a call or shoot me an email. I will provide you with a quote for the best services for your landscape needs.

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