Questions from a Sun Valley Client

Questions from a Sun Valley Client


Our main goal in life is to not only help our clients to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, but to make their lives better. Oftentimes we hear the same questions multiple times a day from clients in all divisions. As a means to make your life more hassle-free, our team has collaborated to create the official “Legendary Client FAQ” blog in order to answer all questions of a Sun Valley client. Our team has set out to break down all barriers and standards to a traditional FAQ blog. Here you will find real answers to real-life problems…

Sun Valley Landscaping Services

What services do you offer?

Sun Valley Landscaping is a full service landscape company who specializes in design-build and year-round maintenance services. Our installation crews are filled with dedicated craftsmen who are trained and certified with industry best practices. Our maintenance division cares for your entire exterior of your home or business in all four seasons, from mowing to snow removal, we customize your package to fit your lifestyle and landscaping needs.

Our supply yard carries the metro’s largest supply of natural stone that you can’t find anywhere else in Omaha from rare specimen plants to the latest pre-cast products. Our up-and-coming nursery currently supplies our landscape division, but is also open to the public with a wide selection of trees, shrubs and flowering plant materials.


What is the “Sun Valley Way”

The Sun Valley Way is our promise to our employees and our clients. It is comprised of 5 core values and is our guide on a daily basis.

  • People come first.
  • We take care in the craftsmanship.
  • Everyone is an owner.
  • We do it right.
  • It’s all about the experience.


Billing and Account Management

How do I pay my bill? 

  1. Client Portal- an online account management program
  2. Pre-pay- pay for your services in advance for the full year and forget those annoying monthly payments!
  3. Call our office at 402-932-5704. We can take a one-time payment or set you up for auto-pay
  4. Mail in a check to 5601 Harrison St. Omaha, NE 68157

What is the “Client Portal?” How do I gain access to my login credentials to access my account? 

The Client Portal is an online program that allows the client to manage their own account. You can see your past invoices, make payments, update your account information and more! The Client Portal is located at the last tab on our website at To obtain your login information, email us at or call us at 402-932-5704 and we will provide you with a username and password that you will be able to update once you are successfully logged in under  the “Update My Contact Information,” which will be the last option on your home page.

Do I receive any discounts for paying by a certain method? 

We love our clients, but we unfortunately do not provide any discounts for pre-paying, auto-pay or any other form of payment. The idea is to make our client’s lives easier through providing a multitude of channels to pay your bill. It’s important  you pick the most convenient form of payment for your lifestyle. If our clients are forced to use a certain payment method due to a discount, we risk causing additional stress or inconvenience for our clients each month when their bill is due. Again, the goal is to make your life easier!

Who do I contact for billing? 

Great question! We have a team of three lovely ladies in our office staff who would be more than happy to help you make a payment at your convenience or answer any questions relating to your billing. Call us at 402-932-5704 and ask for Candice, Annie or Angela!

Why am I not getting my invoices? 

Hmm.. this is a tricky question and it could be due to a multitude of reasons. Unless you have otherwise noted with our office staff, you will automatically be signed up for email notifications of your monthly invoice. Note: We try to be as earth-friendly as we can! Sometimes it can be the case where our email goes into your spam or junk folder, be sure to check these folders first! We also mail out statements, you could be receiving your statement in the mail and discarding it as junk mail! Note: Our statements come in white envelopes with neon orange paper peeking through the front window, it may look scary, but we promise you its not! If you have exhausted both of these options, please call one of the ladies listed above and they will be able to solve the mystery of your missing statements!

What is a finance charge and why I am receiving one on my statement?

A finance charge is an additional charge for an overdue account balance. It is 2% charge per month for unpaid balances over 30 days.

What are you hours?

Our office is open from 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. The Supply Yard is open from 8:00 .m.-6:00 p.m.

Who do I contact about my services? 

If you have questions regarding your services or account, please call our office number at 402-932-5704. Please refer to the following account managers for specific questions:

Are you a new client looking to sign up for maintenance services?- Business Development, Annie

Are you a current client with questions regarding your current maintenance services? -Sales and Account Manager, Christine

Are you a current client with questions regarding your maintenance schedule?-Production Manager, Matt

Are you a current or new client with questions regarding landscape design and install?-Sales Assistant, Angela


Supply Yard

What do you sell in your supply yard?

Our supply yard is located on 56th and Harrison. We sell the metro’s largest supply of natural stone. From rare specimen plants to the latest trending landscape materials, we have the largest selection of materials to help you build your dream outdoor setting. Our supply yard attracts all professionals and DIYers regardless of experience or scope of project!  Take a tour and visit our supply yard online!

What is a bucket? 

Many supply yard clients call in with the question of how do we sell our material? We sell a majority of our products by the “bucket.” A bucket is in reference to a skid loader bucket and is one half of a cubic yard or 13.75 cubic feet.

What are your delivery fees?

This will depend on the location you are delivering to. If you are a current contractor with Sun Valley Landscaping, there is a standard delivery fee of $30.00. If you live in Council Bluffs, the delivery fee is $85.00. If you are delivering to zip codes around Nebraska, the fees will range from $50.00-$80.00.

How far in advance do I need to contact you to setup a delivery? 

On average we request a minimum of 2 days notice for a delivery. Our delivery schedule fluctuates weekly and so oftentimes we can get your delivery scheduled earlier or in peak season, we may need up to 5 days notice.



Do you offer bi-weekly mowing? 

Our maintenance division offers weekly mowing services only. Our clients are scheduled with one set mowing day each week (depending on weather!). Most of our clients are set up on our fertilizer plan, which increases turfgrass growth and therefore, we mow weekly to maintain a picture-perfect lawn each week.

Can I change my mowing day?

Our team schedules your mowing day based on the area of town in which you live. This is a non-customizable feature of your maintenance plan. Our software is set up to route our crews and we organize our week by caring for a specific area each day of the week.

Why is the grass cut so tall?

The most important way to keep your lawn healthy throughout the summer months is to mow on the highest setting. Mowing at 4 inches will allow the grass roots to run deep, giving it a higher tolerance for heat and high traffic. By mowing at a 4 inch depth you also provide insulation or “shading” of the roots to keep them cooler, which in turn makes your turfgrass more hardy.

How much water does my grass need? When is the best time to water my lawn? 

  • Water your turf 2-3 times per week, avoiding your mowing day
  • You want your watering to be deep so the roots receive a deep and infrequent drink
  • The optimal time is early morning, this ensures the water reaches the roots before its evaporated
  • The second best time to water your lawn is in the evening, be aware if watering too late at night, the water can invite fungus into your lawn
  • Be sure your grass receives between 1 and 1.5 inches of water per week
  • If you’re on a lawn care program (i.e. fertilizer ) we highly recommend you choose this approach as your lawn will need to be watered with fertilizer applications



Do you provide just a design?

Absolutely! Our landscape designers will meet with you during a consultation at your property to understand you desired use of the space. They will create a detailed, hand-drawn plan with suggested foliage, plants and trees. A “design only” will usually cost anywhere from $75-$1,500 depending on the scope of the project.

How long does it take to receive my design? 

On average, it takes about 4 weeks to receive your landscape design. This will vary during our peak season (i.e. March-July) and will also depend on the scope of the project.

If we didn’t answer your question, please don’t hesitate to email our team at or give us a call at 402-932-5704!