Celebrate National Lawn Care Month in April

Celebrate National Lawn Care Month in April


It’s National Lawn Care Month and we’re shouting it from the rooftops! At Sun Valley, we live and breathe lawn care, however once a year the rest of the world joins in to help us celebrate our favorite topic and we couldn’t be more excited. Each year, the month of April is nationally recognized as “Lawn Care Month,” a spotlight is shed on the landscape industry, and awareness is spread about the important role landscapers play. April is the time to stop and think about the many benefits your lawn and landscape provide for you.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals estimates that a 50-by-50-foot lawn (2,500 square feet) releases enough oxygen for a family of 4 people. Did you know that 1 acre of grass produces more oxygen than 1 acre of a rainforest? Did you also know that your lawn traps more than 12 million tons of dust and dirt annually (The Lawn Institute)? The benefits provided by your lawn impact more than just the aesthetics of your home, but also the health of your family and the environment on a larger scale.



According to an online survey organized by the National Association of Landscape Professionals and guided by Harris Poll, 83 percent of Americans believe that having a well-cared for lawn is important. Beside the vital benefits it provides to your home and the environment, landscaping is essential to 75 percent of people who want to enjoy their piece of the outdoors. Having a well-cared for landscape increases your chances of reselling your home, and studies show that 71 percent of people feel their neighbors should have well-maintained lawns. Enjoying time outdoors in your dream setting is difficult if the surrounding lawns are not maintained, which is why studies showed 67 percent of Americans feel that professional landscaping allows them to have a more enjoyable lawn and landscape.

The results of the study also showed that even in the age of technology, landscaping is still a widespread effort and important to most homeowners. However, seven out of ten Americans were found to have admitted their lawn is in need of improvement, one in three Americans aren’t sure how to water their lawn and 31 percent of people do not understand how to grow and maintain a healthy lawn. These results reiterate the important roles we, as landscapers, play in maintaining lawns to ensure they are healthy and provide the highest level of benefits to their homeowners.



Our team of professionals encourage you to utilize the month of April to fully understand what you want from your landscape based on your lifestyle. It is never too late to develop your landscape into its full potential and as a result, both you and your neighbors will reap the benefits! Visit loveyourlandscape.org for comprehensive advice from industry professionals for all of your landscape needs including lawn and plant care, sustainability, working with landscape professionals, and backyard living.



(Chart & research provided by the National Association of Landscape Professionals)