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Saturated Soil + Heat= Tough year for lawns

It looks like this year is going to be a repeat of last year.  We’ve received over 150% of normal precipitation over the last 30 days.  The massive amount of precipitation has discouraged root growth.  Now that the heat is setting in, photsynthetic activity is...

Second Lawncare Application

Second Application It seems like it has taken awhile to warm up, but spring in finally here! The spring seeding window (the time of spring with moderate temperatures that allows seed to germinate) is coming to an end and it is time to put down the...

First Lawncare Application

We are now in the process of putting down the first application.  The products used in this application depend on whether you have requested a spring overseed. The two different strategies for this application are below. Option 1 The first option is to apply a high-Nitrogen pre-emergent...

Transition to Spring

It is still slightly early to begin proper lawncare practices, however it is never to early to begin proper planning.  It is supposed to get below freezing on March 26th and 27th, which is not conducive for any seed that has been laid.  Proper practice...

Ice Melt

It’s getting a little later in winter where the freeze-thaw cycle occurs more often.  Daytime temperatures, especially starting February 11th, will occasionally reach above freezing during the day and drop below freezing at night.  The runoff from the snow melt puts a layer of water...

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn through Winter

Many people believe that there is little to do for their lawn during winter, especially while snow is on the ground.  It is important to know, however, that there are certain practices to be mindful of in the upcoming months.  Much of this information is...

Go Big Red!

Our goal of making our clients’ lives easier got called upon this week when we had a client ask what we could do in assisting with their Nebraska football party. We constructed two 10 ft. goal posts and constructed a miniature football field in their...

Holiday Lights

Here at Omaha Friendly we understand that everyone enjoys showcasing their holiday spirit, however not everyone has the time to install Christmas lights.  Others just do not enjoy the hassle of climbing around on the roof.  Let us help make your life easier by installing...

Winter Snow Removal

Winter is just around the corner and last winter taught everyone two important lessons: be prepared early, and be prepared for anything.  Last winter was one of the worst winters in recent history; however we were able to succeed with multiple professional crews and great...

Fall Mowing Update

We will continue to visit lawns into the fall until lawns go dormant and leaves stop falling.  The crews will be coming around with a door sheet informing you if it is a weekly or biweekly visit.  They will also have information on fall cleanups, including what services...