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Will Your Lawn Survive the Heat?

Here is the latest update from the UNL Turfgrass Program. It includes important information about watering your lawn to ensure survival during the drought: How long will Kentucky bluegrass or tall fescue survive when dormant?...

Paul Fraynd is Recipient of Midlands Business Journal 40 Under 40!

Owner, Paul Fraynd, is a recipient of the Midlands Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Award! This distinction honors 40 entrepreneurs, executives and business professional men and women under the age of 40. Paul, a Creighton University Graduate, has been in business for nine years and started...

The Friendly-Do List

Fall is here and the honey-do list keeps growing longer. Let Omaha Friendly Services help get your lawn and landscape into shape before winter approaches! What you do with your lawn and landscape in the fall helps determine how your property will look when spring arrives. Below is a...

DIY or Hire a Professional? You Decide.

This is some great advice via PLANET. Did we mention we give free estimates? The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) offers consumers advice about how to tackle their yard. It is important to know when doing it yourself is a good option and when it is best...

Common Lawn Problems in Late Summer

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln recently released its latest horticulture update.  The following is taken directly from their release and details  lawn problems that are currently occurring. White grubs- Three-year (May/June beetles) and annual white grubs (masked chafers and Japanese beetles) damage is appearing. Damage initially appears as...

Summer Do’s and Don’ts of Lawncare

Do: Continue to mow regularly, never removing more than 1/3 of the grass in one mow. Continue to mow at a higher setting to shade the grass blades. Mow with a sharp blade to prevent the grass trips from fraying.  Frayed tips increases yours lawn’s susceptibility to pests...

Summer Gardening Tips

Below you will find some timely gardening tips taken from the University of Nebraska’s weekly Horticulture update. Blossom end rot (Tomato) is a common problem of tomatoes, but also occurs on peppers, eggplant, squash and watermelon. It appears as a flat, dry, sunken, brown rot on the...

Third Application

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln does a great job of researching proper turf management.  In fact, we try to model our lawncare program around their reccomendations.  Following their recommendation, we have started our third application–  grub control.  The fertilizer is low in Nitrogen to prevent any...

New Faces Around OFS

Those of you who have enjoyed working with us in the past may have noticed some changes occurring here at Omaha Friendly. We just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce, or reintroduce our employees to you. Dennis Secora is now our landscaping foreman.  Dennis previously...