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Nautical Themed Party for Independence Day

A nautical themed party is all the rage right now.  Our recent nautical themed Independence Day party was a huge success!  Our first step in planning this party was sending our lawn maintenance crew to do a detailed lawn and landscape cleanup.  Everything else was...

Makeover Your Outdoor Grill Area

A makeover for your outdoor grill area is just what you need for your next backyard party! We were recently featured on Houzz.com with ideas for upgrading your outdoor grill area. Whether you have a fire pit or a gas grill, any of these ideas...

Our Corporate Citizen Nomination

We are extremely honored to have been nominated for such a prestigious award alongside some companies that we look up to and admire.  The Corporate Citizen Award is "given to an organization going above and beyond to foster an environment of community improvement and support"....

Is my evergreen dead?

We've come across many questions about evergreens (particularly yews), rose bushes and ornamental grasses this spring.  Many of our clients are asking the question, “is it dead?” Our simple answer to that is to first have patience.  After an unusually dry and extremely cold winter, these...

Shutting Down Your Sprinkler System to Protect Your Pipes

We have received quite a few phone calls about shutting down irrigation systems this weekend due to the freezes. Here is a great “how-to” from one of our trusted referral partners, Quality Irrigation. You can also visit their website for a step-by-step printout! We will also...

white grub
Lawns Not Re-Greening

Here are a few issues we are currently looking for as we apply the summer fertilizer!...